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Sweat Reduction

We provide fast, effective non-surgical treatments using injectables to manage excessive sweating

Excessive Sweating Treatment in Melbourne

When your body heats up and you feel hot, your body naturally sweats to help cool you down. You may notice your sweat glands going into overdrive though even when you don’t need to cool down which can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and even embarrassing.


There is a solution! Our Melbourne team at Vis à Vis Cosmetic offer non-surgical treatments to help with excessive sweating using anti-wrinkle injections to block sweat gland signals giving you long-lasting relief from too much sweat and discomfort. Our treatments are fast, effective, and tailored to your unique needs.

Excess Sweating Treatment Areas

If you find yourself sweating excessively even when you feel cool you aren’t alone. Also known as hyperhidrosis it’s quite common and around 3% of the population suffer from overactive sweat glands. It can make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.


Underarms are the most common area treated because they have the highest concentration of sweat glands. However other areas such as your face, hands and feet can also be treated.


During your consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses we’ll discuss the best treatment options for you. By managing excessive sweating, you can avoid embarrassing sweat marks and changing clothes multiple times a day. Treating your underarm sweating can also help reduce body odour.

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How It Works

Excessive sweating – or hyperhidrosis treatment uses anti-wrinkle injections to block the signal that triggers sweating. It’s highly effective and results last up to 12 months giving you long lasting relief. Treatment is quick and takes only about 15 minutes. Our experienced cosmetic nurses will use a series of small injections on the skin to target the overactive sweat gland. The surrounding muscles will be left unaffected, and your body will still be able to cool itself down because underarms make up only about 2% of your body’s sweat glands.  

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Book an Appointment Today at Our Melbourne Clinic

Are you ready to say goodbye to excessive sweating? Our knowledgeable and experienced team of cosmetic nurses are ready to answer all your questions and see if cosmetic injections are the right choice to treat your overactive sweat glands. Book your consultation today.

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