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Lip Enhancement

Achieve a pillowy pout and full, hydrated voluminous lips with injectable dermal fillers.

Lip Dermal Filler Treatments in Melbourne

Do you want to enhance your beauty with fuller, more hydrated and voluptuous lips? Dermal fillers can help you achieve a pillowy pout to enhance your lips’ natural definition and shape to transform your face.


Whether you want to combat the visible signs of ageing (fine lines and wrinkles), improve your lip shape, or have fuller, plumper lips, Vis à Vis have the solution you’ve been looking for. Our experienced cosmetic nurses in our Melbourne clinic will tailor a cosmetic treatment plan to enhance the natural shape and beauty of your lips with fast, effective, and non-surgical treatments that require minimal downtime.

Lip Treatments

Lip injections can help you achieve fuller, more defined and younger looking lips using the same type of injectable fillers commonly used to add volume and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on other areas of your face. Dermal fillers can be used to help you improve:


  • Lip collagen loss and volume reduction with age

  • Lip size and shape relative to enhance your facial feature

  • Proportions between your upper and lower lip

  • Proportions between your lips and the rest of your face

  • The appearance of your cupid’s bow

  • Wrinkling and fine lines around your lips

  • Overall balance of facial profile


We understand you have unique lip goals, so we offer personalised lip injection treatments tailored to your needs. Our skilled and experienced cosmetic nurses will work with you to enhance your natural beauty and create your perfect pout.

Smooth Skin
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Age-Related Lip Wrinkle Treatments

As you age your lips naturally lose collagen, elasticity and hyaluronic acid which causes them to look thinner, flatter and even droopier. These changes can leave your lips looking less defined around the edges, a less prominent cupid’s bow and fine lines and wrinkles can appear.


Dermal filler lip injections can help restore the volume and definition of your lips leaving you with younger, more plump and defined lips. 

Aesthetic Lip Treatments

If you want to enhance your lips, dermal fillers could be the solution you need to add volume and definition. At our Melbourne clinic, our skilled team of cosmetic nurses offer lip filler treatments for women and men of any age. We can help you have confidence to show off your smile by adding fullness or enhancing your natural lips.

Lip Treatment by Vis a Vis
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