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Jawline Contouring

Combat age-related loss of jaw definition or restore volume and enhance your appearance

Jawline Filler and Facial Contouring in Melbourne

Your jawline and chin play a vital role in the overall shape of your face and your overall appearance. You may have noticed with age you have less definition around your jawline and chin. If you want a more sculped and youthful look, jawline filler may be just the treatment you’ve been looking for.


Think of it like contouring with makeup only with long-lasting and natural-looking results and of course no brown smudgy lines from unblended contouring. Our Vis à Vis Cosmetic nurses offer dermal chin and jaw filler to help you restore volume. So, whether you want to combat the signs of age or enhance your natural features we can help you achieve your goals.

Jaw Filler Treatment Areas

Injectable chin and jaw fillers are a versatile solution whether you want to look more youthful or enhance your natural beauty, they can help give you:


  • A strong square jawline and chin to look or feel more masculine

  • A softer, rounded jawline and chin more to enhance your features

  • A youthful look by filling your sagging jawlines


With dermal chin and jaw fillers we can help you achieve your beauty goals. Our experienced and knowledgeable team tailor an individual plan for you using dermal filler to help slim your face, improve a recessed chin or reduce jowls and bring balance and definition to your face.

Jaw Filler by Vis a Vis
Facial Contouring Vis a Vis

How It Works

Depending on your needs, treatment can include a combination of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Jawline fillers can restore volume, lifting and providing support to soft tissue and skin in the lower face. This added fullness restores a more plump, youthful appearance by lifting areas that droop.


Jawline fillers can also be used to correct asymmetries in the lower face, enhance the chin and sculpt a defined jawline depending on your cosmetic goals. Treatment is quick and results are immediately visible. Depending on the treatment area and your metabolism, the treatment can last for several months before follow-up treatments are required. One of our experienced nurses can discuss what to expect during an initial consultation.

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Book an Appointment Today at Our Melbourne Clinic

Find out more about using dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to sculpt your jawline and chin. Our experienced and accredited nurses can discuss your specific goals and recommend a suitable treatment to achieve your desired look. Book your consultation today.

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